Czech Estrogenolit 13 – Sandra

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Project name: Estrogenolit. Clinical test code: 013/2015/CZ. Test subject: Sandra Studena, brunette, 27 y/o. Diagnosis: Dramatic libido decrease. Sandra is a top manager but her personal life came to a deadlock. Absolutely nothing arouses her! This is a piece of cake for our ground-breaking pill! Having tackled the formalities, she gulped down the pill of lust. She leaped on the doctor when he came to check her. She cherished his cock like the god of pleasure. How horny she was! She developed the strongest sex drive of all our test subjects! She reached the first orgasm within 30 seconds!!! And she squirted two times! She sucked every single drop of doctor’s thick hot cream! Estrogenolit turns every lady into a dirty slut!



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